Yard-eared old cat was lucky enough to become a pet

Shauna loved animals. She had a dog and two cats at home. The woman helped homeless animals, fed them and found owners for them.

On her day off, she went to an animal shelter to help the animals. But when she arrived at the shelter, her plans changed dramatically.

She saw an old, white, large cat that had no half tail and no ears. The cat’s name was Oscar and he was twelve years old. He had been in an orphanage for a year and no one had domesticated him because of his age and nondescript appearance.

The cat came to the shelter from the street sick and peeled. Because of the infection, which spread to the back and ears, the ears had to be amputated and the cat was treated for a long time with antibiotics and antifungal agents.

But despite the not easy fate, the cat remained very affectionate and gentle. When Shauna took him in her arms, he pressed against her shoulder and purred gently. So he stayed with the woman in her arms until he got to her house.

At home, a dog and two cats were waiting for him, who were friendly to Oscar and accepted him into their company. When Shauna took the cat from the shelter, she knew he was sick.

The woman bought all the necessary medicines for him and continued treatment at home. She wanted to prolong the life of the fluffy and so that the cat could live happily at home. Now the woman can not imagine life without her favorite cat Oscar.

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