Woman Refuses To Tip Waiter, But Didn`t Realise What She Left At The Table

Woman refuses to tip waiter, but didn’t realize what she left at the table, did you ever work as a waiter or waitress or as a salesman at a fast food restaurant or even in a shop?

These jobs bring you into contact with many customers and we are familiar with the tips that customers often give as a thank you for the excellent service. You will be able to relate to this story I’m going to tell you today. The woman who refused to give a tip.

Today’s story is about a waiter and a female customer. This waiter got used to customers giving him a tip and even expected it many times, although he didn’t ask for it himself. One day a woman came by the restaurant where the waiter worked and as usual he expected a tip without asking for it but the woman refused to give it.

Armando Marcai is the waiter from this story, he was 27 years old when it all happened. He worked at a pizzeria in Harlem, New York city. The pizzeria opened in 1993 and was famous for its delicious pizzas. For the continuation watch the video.

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