Woman feels ‘dehumanised’ as she claims she was kicked off plane over 10kg boobs

Mary Magdalene has claimed she was kicked off of a flight because of her looks – although cabin crew on the plane say it was actually for an entirely different reason

A model with breasts that weigh a whopping 10kg has claimed she was kicked off of a flight recently because of the way she looks, stating that she felt “dehumanised” by the airline.

Mary Magdalene, 25, arrived at the airport on May 31 to board a flight from Toronto, Canada, to Dallas in the US, but after making it through security and getting onto the plane, she was allegedly told to leave the flight.

The woman claims staff told her she was being removed for wearing headphones and not listening to instructions from the flight attendant, but Mary believes it was actually to do with her looks.

Mary was wearing leggings and a sports bra at the time and alleged the crew kicked her off because she “looks too explicit”.

Taking to her Instagram account, @1800leavemaryalone, the model wrote: “I was kicked off the flight for how I look. Please stop discrimination, please this is disgusting. I feel so embarrassed and dehumanised right now, you guys have no idea.

“Obviously [my outfit] is why she kicked me off, because I look too explicit. But that’s not legal so she had to say it’s because I was sleeping and wouldn’t hear her.”

Having been booted off the flight, Mary says she plans to sue the unnamed airline – though has not yet taken any legal action.

Woman feels ‘dehumanised’ as she claims she was kicked off plane over 10kg boobs

“This discrimination of enhanced bodies is very common. Huge on social media platforms and even in real life. I am not trying to play victim I am just sharing the reality of what goes on.”

Mary has spent more than $150,000 on cosmetic surgery procedures, including boob jobs and a Brazilian butt lift.

And the model’s fans flocked to her comments to support her, with one saying: “This is so wrong. You keep doing you and we will support you.”

While someone else stated: “Sorry to read this. This world needs to evolve.”

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