Woman Came Home To Box On Curb, Tried To Resuscitate The Tiny Body Left Inside

As the day was nearing its end, one woman, named Ashley, got ready to leave work and head home. She drove her usual commute and eventually headed down her street, writes ilovemydogsomuch

But as Ashley approached her house, she saw a cardboard Amazon box at the end of her driveway. That was strange. Maybe someone accidentally left it there.

Ashley got out of her car and walked towards the box. She thought she heard something moving inside. It had been a long day but still, something wasn’t quite right. That is when she heard faint cries. Oh no! Ashley grabbed the box quickly and ran with it inside her house.

There was the tiniest puppy inside. He was so small, in fact, that Ashley was unsure what to do! She called a local vet immediately. He instructed Ashley on what to do with the puppy until he could see them the next day. Ashley tried to give the puppy some special formula from a bottle. He was surely hungry. She decided to name the puppy Jackson.

Jackson was only 3 weeks old. This wasn’t ideal. He needed to be with his mother. He couldn’t regulate his body temperature nor could he eat on his own. He needed around the clock supervision and hands-on care. The next day, the vet instructed Ashley on what to do to properly take care of Jackson.

The pair went home and Ashley introduced Jackson to her cat, Dan. They hit it off immediately! Dan taught Jackson how to play! Soon, though, Ashley realized something was off with Jackson. She couldn’t but sure what was wrong, but a mother knows. She called the vet and scheduled an emergency appointment for the little pup.

The vet discovers the likely cause of Jackson’s callous abandonment and it breaks Ashley’s heart. Still, she refuses to give up on the tiny puppy. To learn more about Jackson and to see what happens next, check out the video by The Dodo below. It’s truly a great story!

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