Unusual friendship between pit bull and guinea pigs

Christie, after seeing guinea pigs on the Internet, decided to get these animals at home. The pair of guinea pigs she brought home, she named Frida and Pandora.

And the girl wanted to take a pit bull dog from the shelter. Together with her boyfriend, she went around several shelters and opted for a five-month-old pit bull of the color of a tiger named Moki. The girl and her boyfriend liked this calm dog with sad eyes.

Christie hoped that the intelligent and friendly dog would not conflict with guinea pigs. But she did not even expect that the animals would not only develop interest in each other, but they would also become close friends. The meeting and acquaintance of animals was not forgettable.

The good-natured pigs crawled up to the dog, sniffed and began licking Moki.

Moki also licked her new and unusual friends in response. From that moment on, their friendship grew and grew stronger. When the animals played together, the dog was very careful not to harm the pigs.

Moki treated guinea pigs like her sisters. The pit bull became a protector and nanny for the little guinea pigs. Christie loved and cared for her pets. Communication with animals gave her great joy.

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