Tigress to save her baby – came to the huntsman for help

Ivan Petrovich worked as a huntsman in the forestry in the Khabarovsk Territory. Throughout his long life, he has seen many animals. He had to meet with a rare Amur tiger.

In these parts, Amur tigers are a rarity. Ivan Petrovich knew that these animals are listed in the International Red Book and hunting for them is prohibited.

The huntsman on this day was engaged in his household chores, his household was not large. Suddenly, almost next to him, he saw a tigress. Going out into the yard, he did not take a gun with him, although in three seconds the beast could have torn him apart.

The tigress came closer with a soft silent gait. The man noticed that the tigress had a wound and all the grass was covered in blood. He realized that the tigress was injured by the illegal actions of poachers, who are ready to kill rare animals for profit.

The tigress looked intently and trustingly at the huntsman as if looking for his support and protection, then abruptly turned and went into the taiga. After a while, she reappeared, and not alone.

She had a small month-old tiger cub in her teeth. Leaving the tiger cub near the forester’s house, she disappeared into the taiga. The tiger cub was still blind and needed care.

The huntsman decided that when the tiger cub grew up, he would release it into the taiga. The first month of feeding the tiger cub was from a bottle. And then the tiger cub switched to other products. The wild tiger cub grew as a pet.

He played with cats and two dogs that were in the huntsman’s household. The huntsman became very attached to the tiger cub, whom he named Cupid. So a year went by. A small tiger cub grew into a large beautiful tiger, which was called to the taiga.

There are no natural enemies of the Amur tiger, the main enemies are poachers. Chinese medicine uses the skin and bones of tigers, which have healing properties. They make tinctures and mextures. For the sake of material gain, people destroy such rare animals as the Amur tiger.

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