They adopted a 5-year-old girl, when she learned to speak English, they learned the terrible truth

The lives of children in different countries are strikingly different. Sometimes they get into such terrible situations that not every adult can cope with. Jessica and Adam Davis did not need money and raised four native children. But they really wanted to share their love and give a chance of a good life to a child from a troubled country.

They saw a lot of such unfortunate children in states where there were military operations, there was hunger or lack of clean water. The couple saw how many unhappy orphans remain useless on the street. Therefore, they turned to the organization “European Adoption Consultants”. They explained that they would like to help a child from a disadvantaged region of the world.

Soon they got a call and were told that there was a girl from Uganda. She is 5 years old, her name is Namata. The consultants said that the girl’s father died, and after that the mother completely stopped paying attention to her.

Namata lived in conditions of cruelty, and maybe she herself was subjected to violence. Adam and Jessica came to meet the girl. She didn’t speak English, just looked at them with big, frightened eyes. It was difficult to start communicating with the baby without words. This behavior clearly said that the girl had experienced something bad. Maybe she didn’t even study and didn’t eat well. They felt terribly sorry for the poor child.

Namata was really “gnawed” by a terrible secret, which she could not tell these people about yet. Such a thing could not be forgotten, and the girl hoped that she would be able to tell these kind adults what had happened to her. She was almost sure they would help her. The terrible truth became known only six months later, when the little girl learned to speak English better. It turned out that the girl was not in the family at all, where she was shown at least some kind of cruelty; she was completely happy with her mother.

Moreover, she missed her mother and told how she accompanied her to school every day. But then white people came from Europe and promised that her girl would be able to live in a rich American family for a year, where she would be given a first-class education before returning home.

The poor mother decided to part with the girl for a while so that she could get a better education and achieve something in life. But as it became clear, no one was going to return the child. The baby was seriously traumatized when she saw that she was being given to someone else’s aunt and uncle. The Davises, who paid money to the organization, were also deceived.

They hoped to save someone’s child’s life, but they became accomplices in a crime. It turns out that their order became the basis for the actual theft of a child from a loving mother. Jessica and her husband were in shock. They decided to act immediately. Although they were told in the organization that Namata could legally stay with them, but the spouses were against it. Jessica, with tears in her eyes, said that the child was not bought in a store to leave it as some kind of purchase. Fortunately, the adoption process was canceled, and the little girl was returned to her loving mother.

The Davises were sure that even in the most modest circumstances, but with a loving mother, the child would be better off than with the richest, but strangers. The story did not remain without public attention. The State Department has uncovered several more cases of fake adoption like Namata’s. All together managed to achieve the closure of the organization.

Worthy people, Jessica and Adam, did not remain indifferent and the terrible truth began to “unwind” from their story. No one could have imagined that such a thing was possible in the XXI century. But unfortunately for some people, such serious issues as the adoption of a child is just a business.

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