The unusual friendship between the blind and big dog and the little Chihuahua was admired even by the most severe people.

True friendship can not be hindered by different sizes, different characters, age, or gender. Such a friendship was between an adult fifty-pound Great Dane named Shelby and a one-pound Chihuahua baby named Bianca.

Shelby had been in a shelter for a long time. She was blind, no longer young and uncommunicative. But when a Chihuahua appeared in the shelter for dogs, the Great Dane began to take care of the baby.

And despite the fact that the Great Dane was a calm and measured dog, and the Chihuahua was fast and nimble, the animals quickly found a common language and reached for each other.

The animals spent all their time together. The dogs helped and supported each other. Baby Bianca did not have a mother who died during childbirth, and therefore the dog was very lacking in maternal warmth, which was given to her by big Bianca.

It was interesting to observe the games of these two such different animals, which differed from each other in size, and breed and character.

But their friendship was strong and real. Baby Bianca will soon have owners and friends will have to part ways.

But during her stay at the orphanage, the Chihuahua received support and maternal care from her big friend, which she will never forget.

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