The she-wolf saved a small puppy from death

The she-wolf, in search of food, came across a puppy that was tied with a rope to a tree and died of hunger and thirst. Recently, the wolf has had wolf cubs and her maternal instinct has worked.

The puppy was small and helpless. To free the puppy, the she-wolf gnawed the rope and carefully taking it in her teeth, carried it to her babies. So the puppy had a family of wolves. The puppy grew up with the wolf cubs and turned into a beautiful and large dog.

The house of the farmer Ivan was located on the edge of the village, immediately behind his plot there was a forest. Ivan was engaged in the collection of medicinal herbs and helped many people to restore their health.

One day Ivan went to the forest for herbs with his four-legged friend Bertha. And suddenly, wolves appeared very close to him. When Ivan looked closely, he saw a large dog among the wolves, which gave a sign to the wolves and took them into the forest.

After this incident, Ivan began to notice a dog met in the forest near his yard. At first, the dog stayed away from Ivan, but the craving for people took precedence over fear and distrust of them. Ivan began to feed the dog and gradually the wild animal began to get used to him and remained with him to live, became his best friend and protector.

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