The owner faced a difficult choice: a seriously ill cat or a young dog full of life.

We often have to make choices: sometimes light, and sometimes so heavy, that we would like to leave everything as it is and go with the flow further in anticipation of what will come to the shore. But this is life in all its glory and nothing can be done, because even just being a person is already insanely difficult. And a person with a large percentage of humanity is almost impossible in our harsh realities.

A good owner of a four-legged one is not often found. Here, for example, I walk through the park, listen to pleasant music and through the speakers I hear a scream and a screech. I turn around and watch as the hostess screams and hits the leash of a very tiny Spitz.

“I told who not to pick up all the crap?!” she shouts, while torturing the dog. And next to her runs the second Spitz – he, poor, is trying to dodge the leash so that he does not get it.

The picture is unpleasant, and, most importantly, an eyewitness in this situation can not do anything. And if you make a remark, then the anger will be taken out behind closed doors and the dogs will have a hard time.

I thought about this kind of revenge, which is why this happens when a seemingly intelligent woman turns into a tantrum. It seems to me that this person asserts herself in this way at the expense of the weak.

And here is another example: a man is handsome, kind and earns well, but he has one drawback – his wife. And here’s what happens: the husband buys one instead of two fur coats. The remaining money is spent on the treatment of an old cat and toys for an active dog.

His wife begins to openly take revenge on him: “Since I have one fur coat, then you make a choice between animals!” And the owner faced a difficult choice: a seriously ill cat or a young dog full of life.

And, what do you think? The cat himself makes a choice for the owner, giving way to a friend-dog. He feels it’s time to say goodbye. The cat leaves quietly in her sleep, plunging into eternal sleep under the peaceful sniffle of a dog.

The wife is happy and fragrant, and the man is depressed and goes nowhere with the dog. Is it necessary to eat out the brain so that a person drops everything and just leaves?

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