The new owner was not happy with the four-legged inheritance and preferred to abandon it.

“Well, why am I so unlucky? Larissa asked, standing in line to see the notary. “Others inherit apartments, but I got two old dogs: one deaf and the other blind.” “She’s not blind,” I said, “but she just doesn’t see well because of her old age.”

Larissa was indignant loudly: so that everyone could hear and feel sorry for her – a rustic manner that she took with her to the city.

“It’s a little quieter. We’re in a public place. It’s not customary to talk loudly here,” I said. “You think, still gentle, and I have a problem now.” A man stared at us, but quickly distanced himself and covered his face. I guess I thought we were malaholic.

“That’s why I need them so much? A relative continued. “I will write a refusal and all the cases,” she said. “How’s that waiver? My aunt asked you to take care of the dogs, because she begged you and even took a promise from you. Moreover, you have a private house in the village. It’s easier for you in general, and you are alone in a big house: you will not be bored, but they will be free to live on your veranda. “

“No, Larissa, you can’t do that, it’s not Christian,” I said and almost fell out with a distant relative. As a result, I just bothered her almost every day with phone calls and threatened to ruin her life if she handed over the dogs to a shelter or threw her away.

One day, Larissa invited me to visit. She was suspiciously pleased when she was on the phone. In the end, I was greeted by two absolutely cute four-legged creatures and a satisfied relative.

For wine and conversations, I learned that Lariske’s aunt had written off the apartment after all. Only indicated in the will that before six months should pass so that she and her dogs lived in peace and nothing happened to them during this time.

“Here’s the story! And I thought, it only happens in TV shows, and it’s like it happened to me.”

I think that the aunt knew her niece and if lariske had immediately written off the apartment, she would have definitely handed over the belly to the shelter and began to feast … And it wasn’t going to turn away. Moreover, she admitted to me honestly that she got used to dogs very quickly. But Larisa does not think to move to the apartment yet: she is well in the house, quiet and calm with the dogs.

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