The guests saw the tattoo of the waitress and did not regret the tip. After reading their note, the girl burst into tears

We are often not interested in how people with psychological health problems live. Meanwhile, our attention can not only help them earn money, but also support them in such a difficult life for them. In one of the restaurants in New York State in the first days of May, a story occurred that proved that there are still kind and very attentive people in the world.

The husband and wife decided to get out to rest without children after long months of being in the four walls of the apartment during the pandemic. One of them was so attentive that he noticed a tattoo on the girl’s wrist – a dot with a comma under it. This special sign shocked and delighted them at the same time. Those who came sympathized with the girl and were glad that she was able to continue living.

The fact is that the “semicolon” tattoo is stuffed with people struggling with mental illness, depression, anxiety or addiction, it shows that they could have ended their lives at will, but managed to overcome themselves and continue to fight. Realizing who the waitress turned out to be, they decided to cheer up the girl. The couple said later that there were very few positive emotions left in the world and they really wanted to create a “little pleasantness” for a complete stranger.

They had the only opportunity. The couple left the waitress the largest allowable tip – 25% of the order amount of $ 81. It turns out that the amount of Katie’s (waitress’s) remuneration was 20 and a quarter dollars. That in rubles is more than one and a half thousand. But money wasn’t everything. Sincere words of kindness and sympathy were written on the receipt. The couple indicated that they know the meaning of her tattoo.

Then they thanked her for the way the waitress organized their great dinner. Katie just burst into tears from the words of customers and decided to contact these people. She thanked them for their generous tips and kind message. The girl admitted that the whole week had been very difficult for her and suddenly this note seemed to breathe new strength into her. That’s why her tears just poured out like a stream.

Katie called the couple really wonderful people, who are very lacking in our difficult times. In response, the girl received many warm words from the head of the family. He said that he and his wife Melissa really appreciated her efforts. And the food brought was delicious. Therefore, it is doubly pleasant to do something good for a strong person who knows how to fight his diseases. In addition, the man wrote that he and his wife are going to definitely visit their restaurant and hope to cross paths with Katie more than once.

He wrote on behalf of himself and his wife about their confidence that the girl will definitely be fine. Katie has her own Twitter account under the nickname psychogf_. She was so shocked by the act of people completely unfamiliar to her and their warm letter in response that she decided to post her story on a social network. Her story is confirmed by a photo of a receipt with a “message” and correspondence with the head of the family, who left her an incredible tip. Her post caused a lot of positive responses and stories of people like her.

Many of them posted photos of their tattoos. The post has already gained thousands of likes, which proves the general desire of people for kindness and the joy that selfless people still exist. This is not a story about a strange tattoo, but about the fact that being in society, it is important to be attentive to others. Some of them will be unexpectedly supported financially by a positive act, but it is even more important if such an attitude brings them out of the depths of depression and makes them see new, bright colors of life.

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