The dog saved the kittens and became their “adoptive dad”

It was a rainy and cold autumn morning. Together with her pet, a dog named Turbo, before work, Victoria went for a morning walk.

When she left the house, she heard a plaintive squeak and looked around, she saw a small red kitten on the path, which was all wet from the rain and squeaking plaintively.

Victoria took the baby in her arms and tried to warm him up. Suddenly, the dog fell off the leash and quickly found himself at the end of the yard, began to tear a pile of leaves, from where two more small kittens appeared, which shivered from the cold.

The kittens were very weak and needed to be warmed and fed urgently. Victoria picked up three kittens and hurried to the house with Turbo.

She had to leave work and take care of the kittens. She prepared a warm crib for them and the kittens, having warmed up, began to break the milk.

The real helper in nursing kittens was their savior dog Turbo, who did not move away from the fluffies. Friendly and affectionate, the dog played with the kittens, and then went to bed next to them. And for kittens, he became a “foster dad.”

When the kittens grow up, Victoria will look for owners for them. And now the kids are cozy and comfortable with their “adoptive dad”, a dog named Turbo.

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