The dog looks at the wall for several days, so the owner installed a hidden camera

Pet owners should look closely at their pets. Their behavior can be a harbinger of unexpected events. It so happened that George Miller, at the age of 29, lived alone in a big city far from his family. At times he was unbearably sad, and the man decided to somehow deal with it. He loved dogs and considered them real, devoted friends of man. That’s why I chose a dog as a pet. He took Crosby from the orphanage and got a wonderful, kind friend. The dog was of a light nature and very sociable.

They often went for a walk together in the park, where Crosby was happy to play with any animals. Sometimes he got so carried away that he didn’t want to go home at all. The dog also made friends with neighboring animals – a dog and a cat. For eight years they started various pranks together, when suddenly everything suddenly stopped. Both of Crosby’s friends died within a few days of each other. The owners were very sad. But George’s pet was no less upset.

He tried to find friends, but to no avail. Then a strange thing began to happen. The owner came home, began to call the dog by name, but he did not react in any way. Miller shouted louder, but with the same result. The man was afraid that the dog was going deaf. But when he first entered the living room, Crosby immediately turned his head in his direction. However, then he turned away again. George noticed that the dog was looking at a small spot on the wall as if fascinated.

Not noticing anything unusual, the owner went to bed. The dog behaved calmly. At night George was very thirsty. He got up to go to the kitchen for a glass of water. Passing by the open door of the living room, the owner, with a slight chill in his soul, saw Crosby again, staring at the same point on the wall. “He’s starting to scare me,” George thought of his pet. It even seemed to the man that a real cloud of sadness hung over the dog.

Puzzled by the strange behavior of the dog, Miller decided to find out everything to the end. He bought a camera that could work with equal success in daylight and in the dark. At home, he installed it and moved to work. The man decided to view the recordings not in the evening, but the next morning. One unexpected circumstance was discovered. When the owner is not at home, Crosby does not sit constantly looking at the wall.

But as soon as George entered, the dog immediately ran up to the wall. It looks like he was trying to say something to his incomprehensible master. Miller decided to take a closer look at the spot and try to understand the situation. Crosby was somewhere in the house, but as soon as the owner sat down in the living room, Crosby immediately ran to him. When George stretched out his hand towards the wall, the dog barked happily.

“But what is it?” – the man was lost in guesses. And suddenly he heard a sound right in the wall, then again. George went cold with fear. He saw that a piece of the wooden panel had come off and broke it off harder. When he fell to the floor, a hole was found in the drywall. George decided that he would get to the truth and stuck his arm up to the elbow in the hole. With his breath caught, he carefully moved his hand inside. At one time he thought he felt something soft, but it turned out to be just a piece of insulation.

From the time he moved his hand, the sounds seemed louder, or did he already hear it? It turned out – no. His fingers suddenly felt something soft and warm. At that moment, Crosby let out a high-pitched howl, as if asking: “But when, when, finally?”. George grabbed onto this soft and pulled up. Soon he was surprised to pull out of the hole between the loose panels of the wall between his living room and toilet … a little kitten! But God, he looked so much like Crosby’s dead friend.

Just a small exact copy! And it is completely unclear where it came from and how it ended up in the wall? Maybe Crosby dragged him away somewhere and tried to hide him? Miller gently brushed the dust off the kitten. He was at a loss to guess what to do now? Fortunately, the kitten was able to drink milk, and he was fed. Crosby was terribly pleased and followed the owner with the kitten on his heels. George asked around the neighbors and even wrote an ad in the hope that the owner of the kitten would be found.

But everything was unsuccessful. Then Miller took him to the vet. The kitten turned out to be healthy, but not chipped. Posting on Facebook also did not give results. George realized that the fate of the kitten would have to be decided by him. At the same time, the man noticed that Crosby was becoming more cheerful and playful. And yet, Miller wasn’t going to have a cat either. Therefore, I asked to take the kitten to the shelter.

They did not refuse, but they said that it would be a great stress for the baby. And yet, there are already more than 300 kittens in the shelter who are waiting for their home. As an alternative, George was offered to put the animal on the street, or keep it. Miller had no idea how to leave the animal without help, so he brought it home. He called him “Lil Ray-Ray.” When Crosby saw them, the dog’s joy knew no bounds.

He allowed the kitten literally everything. Looking at his revived pet, George realized that he had brought Ray-Ray home for a reason. For himself, he made one important conclusion – you need to look closely at the behavior of your dog, so as not to miss the important thing that she wants to “inform” him. That’s all friends, share this story with friends and family.

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