The cat massaged a weak dog – he felt sorry for him, because the wandering lifestyle sucked all his strength out of him.

Gray with a loud sound jumped off the couch. Straightening all the bones, he stretched back. Then, yawning loudly, the cat ran to the front door. There was no quarter of seven on the clock, which meant that the owner would soon come and bring, as always, something delicious. (Last time it was grilled chicken and fish.)

The cat had to wait an extra twenty minutes – after all, the owner in normal times was still gone. Gray became nervous, licking his sideburns. The thought crept into his wise head that something had happened, but he immediately said the magic word “Sturto-sterto-erased” three times to himself and he felt calmer on his soul. The prospect of being left without a master, Serenky was overshadowed — he knew what it was like to be unwanted in his past life.

And then the cat finally waited: a puzzled owner came home. “Friend, why are you so thoughtful?” asked Serenky, purring. The owner told him, “Grey, I’m without a treat today.” For some reason, the front door remained open, as if they were waiting for someone else.

Gray heard quiet footsteps in the stairwell. The cat began to peep: what is there. A tortured dog walked towards him with a lowered muzzle and with kindness in his eyes, slowly climbing the steps like a ninety-year-old man with weak joints.

Hissing by inertia and showing his lion character, Serenky disappeared under the bathroom. The owner began to mutter under his breath: “And why did I bring him – because I knew that this would be the case. But it’s too late to look back – you need to think about how to make friends between a cat and a dog.”

The owner took out Serenky from under the bath, although he released his claws and held on to the mat. He understood that as a senior, he had to introduce the cat to their new guest. Gray purred in the hands of the owner, but from behind looked at the dog, which made plaintive sounds, apparently from pain, physical or even mental.

That’s how the night went. In the morning, the owner went to work, having previously informed the cat that he was staying for the elder. Gray proud went to the hall, where the guest had already woken up. “Well, what? Got enough sleep?” the cat asked him. The dog replied that he had not slept well – his paws were whining, and then told the cat about his life in the landfill. Serenky’s heart clenched from his story and he decided to help, because he had the gift of healing.

The cat massaged a weak dog – he felt sorry for him in a human way, because the wandering lifestyle sucked all the strength out of him. Cat care greatly helped the dog – soon he again stood firmly on all four paws, and could even pamper the cat, rolling it on his back.

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