The bulldog, which disappeared during the fireworks, returned half a year later to its owner.

It often happens that during the holidays, when fireworks are launched and pyrotechnics are used near residential buildings and in parks, animal owners lose their pets, who, frightened by strongly loud sounds, run away in an unknown direction, trying to hide from the noise.

This is what happened to a bulldog named Tom, who got lost during the New Year’s fireworks.

A bulldog named Tom lived in Irina’s family for two years. Tom was a powerful dog with strong muscles, he was a bodyguard and a friend of the family. Irina loved her pet very much. The family celebrated New Year’s holidays in their cottage outside the city.

The territory of the cottage was not fenced and the dog had plenty of space to walk around. Irina believed that Tom was not afraid of fireworks, especially since he knew them.

The bulldog, as usual, ran freely around the yard. But when the fireworks began, the dog was frightened and suddenly disappeared. For several hours, the family searched for the dog, but the search yielded no results, Tom was nowhere to be found. The holiday was ruined.

The next day, the search resumed, in which friends and acquaintances took part. Irina gave ads to the newspaper and pasted a photo of the dog around the city, but Tom disappeared without a trace. The girl believed that her pet would definitely return. At home, she had his mat and his bowl next to her.

It’s been half a year. Once Irina looked through photos of dogs that were exhibited on the sites of receivers. And she was interested in one photo of a bulldog that looked like her Tom.

Irina immediately went to this shelter, which was located in a nearby town. All in tears of joy, the girl hugged her beloved Tom, and the dog, clinging to his mistress, licked her face.

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