Sofia Skidchenko wows audience with yodeling on ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’

In this clip from ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent,’ we are treated to a fantastic young vocalist, Sofia Shkidchenko. A judge begins by asking Sofia if she is a star. She responds affirmatively, ‘Yes!’ He replies, ‘How modest you are!’ Sofia tells him that she has a unique talent for yodeling, and not everyone can do it.

A video of Sofia’s interview informs us that she has been singing and yodeling since she was 5 years old. Her mother tells the camera that she is Sofia’s videographer, and they both enjoy working together.

Then, there’s a fun clip of one of Sofia’s earlier videos when she performs the hit internet song, ‘What Does The Fox Say?’ Her mother produced the video and uploaded it to Youtube.

Next, we see Sofia back in the theater on stage for the judges and audience. The upbeat song begins, and Sofia smiles and starts moving around with a couple of choreographed dance steps. She is wearing typical yodel attire with a plaid dress and her hair in pig-tails.

The audience immediately claps along, and the judges are smiling. Sofia sings the verse, and she has a quick yodel at the end of the phrase. She executes the riff with precision. Once she gets to the chorus, her yodeling is in high gear, and the audience is amazed. The judges look at one another in astonishment.

Sofia Skidchenko wows audience with yodeling on ‘Ukraine’s Got Talent’

As the song progresses, the yodeling gets more intense. The song’s tempo picks up, and Sofia keeps up with it easily. She hits a high note at the end and strikes a pose. The audience jumps to their feet and chants their appreciation.

An energetic judge tells her, ‘I feel like a kid! Well done!’ Another judge says, ‘It’s as if I moved to the Alps!’ Sofia is all smiles, and the audience is still on their feet, applauding her unique talent!

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