Smooth, soulful ‘Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ on 1969 ‘Sullivan’

When it comes to famous guy groups of the 1960s, few can compete with ‘Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.’ They performed ‘Doggone Right’ on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’ in 1969.

Smooth, soulful ‘Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ on 1969 ‘Sullivan’

The group is dressed in fabulous silky baby blue shirts and high-waisted royal blue pants with matching shoes. The group sings in their typical soulful, tight harmonies. They even complement the look with matching scarves tied around their necks.

The Miracles move in coordinated but subtle motions behind Smokey throughout the song. There is even a little bass voice solo at the close of each chorus echoing the phrase ‘Doggone Right.’

Smokey’s unique falsetto with a little raspy tone is on full display, and his voice is stunning throughout the performance. At one point in the song, the Miracles add some enthusiastic clapping.

The song’s conclusion sees the group slow down their harmonies for a big ending. The audience roars with applause for the smooth r&b song written by Smokey Robinson and Marv Tarplin. Few groups were writing their own hit songs in the 60s.

Smooth, soulful ‘Smokey Robinson & The Miracles’ on 1969 ‘Sullivan’

The song peaked at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100, and it made it to number 7 on the Top 10 r&b charts. The Miracles’ career saw them record 26 Top 40 hits, reaching number 1 with ‘The Tears of a Clown.’

The Miracles were the first successful recording act for Berry Gordy’s Motown Records. They helped put the Detroit sound on the map and change the shape of music in the 60s and beyond.

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