Smart and smart dog changed leaves for products

A dog named Negro lived on the territory of a Colombian university. Students and teachers of the university were very fond of the dog.

They brought him food, and the dog in return acted as a guard of their belongings. From evening to morning, he, together with the guards, guarded the territory of the university.

During sports activities, the dog quickly chased a soccer ball with the guys. And once the dog produced an action that caused a smile and delight in all those present. Negro was observant and often saw students buying pies and coffee in the buffet.

And one day the dog came to the buffet with a leaf in his teeth. The dog did not know what money was, but he saw how students gave some papers for the products received and the dog decided to change the leaf for a pie, which caused everyone to smile and even more sympathy for him.

Now the dog often comes to the buffet with a leaf in his teeth and receives a tasty treat in return. The dog’s actions once again convinced everyone of its intelligence and ingenuity.

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