Shy busker with smooth as silk voice smashes audition

He’s so humble, gifted, and genuinely talented.

His name is Maxwell Thorpe. Expect to see that name more often in the coming years since this busker from Sheffield just blew everyone’s minds off during his audition.

One look at Maxwell and you would not expect him to sing the way he did. Simon Cowell’s eyes went wide the moment Thorpe opened his mouth.

Thorpe has been busking for ten years and he told the judges that sometimes he would be “singing to people that aren’t listening”.He admits to being nervous as this is the biggest crowd he’s ever sang for. But really, after this performance, he’ll be singing for way bigger audiences.

Shy busker with smooth as silk voice smashes audition

Maxwell is obviously trained. The young singer shocked the judges and his audience by singing a 1986 Italian love song. One usually performed by the likes of Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli.

David Williams agreed saying, “Yes, you need to start believing in yourself because after that, you are heading for the big time.”

“Sometimes, when someone sings like that you could almost feel yourself levitating on you and that happens so infrequently and it’s a pleasure to give you your first yes.”

It’s a wonder Thorpe wasn’t showered in gold but perhaps that’s a good thing as we get to see and hear more of the shy busker.

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