She only needed his money, so he paid off on her wedding day

Every action of a person necessarily affects his later life. Therefore, doing meanness to people can be not just bad, but also really dangerous for yourself. A cool guy, Dino, worked on an oil platform in the USA. He was an experienced practitioner and saw every detail in the work of the tower, could instantly make a decision on the current situation.

The man earned great money. There were also good friends. The guy didn’t like to brag, was a responsible person and saved money. As a result, he managed to fully pay for a modern condominium. But in my personal life I had no luck. He was sure that this was a fixable case.

Dino was fascinated by a blonde who looked like a movie star. But one of my friends, Josh, bluntly said that someone like Andrea, she doesn’t need anything from men, except money, and she’s an ordinary egoist. Although Dino could not believe and see the future, but soon the first “bells” began to appear.

He invited the beauty to move into his apartment. At first, the relationship developed perfectly, he even decided to earn some more money and make an offer to Andrea. But, gradually, he began to have a strange feeling. While Dino was on the platform, he left his beloved a bank card so that she could run the household with his money.

But suddenly strange bank statements began to arrive. In one, the one-time grocery bill exceeded $300. Less than a few days later, another $200 was withdrawn. In order for one woman to eat 500 dollars in a few days, it was necessary to try hard. Apparently, she took some of the money from the store in cash and saved it for herself.

Dino began to suspect his future bride of treason. The man decided to check it out. He arrived from work 2 days before the end of the shift. There in the bedroom he found his Andrea in bed with an unknown guy. Everything in Dino’s life turned upside down in one moment.

He kicked the man out. Then he gave the lady of the heart $ 50 for a taxi and told her to get out. At first she screamed about her love, then she began to curse him. He barely escorted her out with the help of the police. That would have been the end of it. But Andrea was vindictive. She could not just accept the loss of free housing for her and the opportunity to dispose of other people’s money. In addition to the earned housing, Dino’s second joy was his brand-new Chevrolet Monte Carlo car.

A few weeks passed, and in front of the house he saw a sight that made his hair stand on end. The car had punctured all the tires, the windshield was broken by a can of paint. From the impact, it all poured out and spread over the car in red streaks. Dino’s friends were shocked by such hooliganism, and he knew exactly whose handiwork it was.

Most men in his place would immediately rush to find the offender. But he decided that revenge is a dish that is served cold. Some time passed, and then Dino found out that his ex-lover was getting married. He was told about it by a good friend Nancy, whose sister was friends with Andrea. Two sisters received an invitation to the wedding.

After warning about the celebration, Dino sent Andrea an anonymous letter. The envelope contained a photo of his “murdered” car, a wedding dress and a bag of ketchup. On a small piece of paper there is an inscription: “Red on white”. The new bride shuddered. She realized that her wedding would be ruined.

Nancy told me where the wedding dress would be ordered. Dino offered the seller an easy way to earn $100. He asked the guy to call Andrea and tell her to come pick out a red lace trim for her dress. Less than 20 minutes later, Andrea ran in.

The seller innocently explained that her fiance had called and ordered red lace for the dress. The beauty immediately realized who it was. She realized that her wedding dress would be ruined. And the question is no longer “if”, but “when”! Through her sister, Nancy managed to convince Andrea that a friend of Dino works at the company where they ordered a treat for the wedding.

The bride demanded to immediately remove plates with pasta and tomatoes from salads from the menu. She suspected that one of them would definitely be knocked over on her snow-white dress. Andrea’s next “surprise” was almost three dozen red lipsticks that were brought home to her from various Amazon sellers. They were paid with credit cards that were prepaid. It was impossible to trace the final buyer, but Andrea knew who sent these “gifts”.

Then Dino hired a man to put a red marker under the wipers of her car so that she would find it early in the morning.By the wedding day, Andrea was getting more and more nervous. She had already visibly seen how she was being shamed at the wedding. And she hoped so much that this would be the best day of her life. Dino was quite willing for people to have a good time at the celebration, but not Andrea.

The bride’s behavior from the outside looked completely abnormal. She demanded to remove the red flowers from all the tables. And categorically refused to come closer than 3 meters to the one who was standing with a red drink in his hands. She waited and searched for possible threats all evening, more and more expecting their approach. But Dino never did anything. He simply turned her into a vixen who, in front of a lot of people, exposed herself as an almost paranoid person.

And it was on the wedding day! It wasn’t her best day as she wanted, but her worst. She even had a nervous breakdown. Andrey’s reputation was completely undermined. The guests decided that the bride is a very strange person or even not quite normal. Once Andrea only needed Dino’s money. And so he paid her in full on the wedding day and for this he did not even have to spoil anything. This happens to people who feel complete impunity.

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