Residents left mountains of garbage in the rented house. The owner came up with the perfect revenge plan.

Public opinion in a dispute between a landlord and a tenant is often more sympathetic to the latter, as a person who does not have his own home. In fact, there are cases when renting out your own real estate costs the owner a lot of nerves and money. Having inherited a nice house from his grandfather, Frenchman Thomas Raveau from the commune of Roois-sur-Serv was very happy.

The property had several rooms, a full bathroom and even a garden plot. The family’s income was not too high, and he decided to rent out his grandfather’s house. In order to find good tenants, Ravo renovated and refreshed all the rooms. After that, he put an ad in the newspaper. And here they are, the perfect tenants he dreamed of! A married couple with three modest children. The owner handed over the keys, and they agreed that the first rental payment would be transferred to the card.

A month passed, then two, but the payments on the card did not appear. At the end of four months, Thomas began to persistently call tenants, but always got an answering machine. When he drove up to the house, no one answered him again. The neighbors replied that they had not seen the tenants for a long time. Being the father of a family himself, Ravo understood that there are different situations in life. There is not always enough money for all expenses. Especially in a family where three children grow up.

He kept waiting, hoping that people would call him. Finally, when 14 months have passed, the Frenchman’s patience has finally exhausted, it’s hard to imagine how he could have waited so long at all. He went back to his grandfather’s house. He rang and knocked to no avail. Driven to despair by the unknown, he took out a spare key and, after some hesitation, entered the house. What he saw brought the owner into complete shock. He walked through the rooms, knew that this was his house, but did not recognize it at all.

It seemed that for many years he had been subjected to an invasion of barbarians who destroyed everything beautiful, bright and necessary on their way. Besides, there was a terrible smell in the house. Thomas barely refrained from spilling the contents of his stomach onto the floor as well. All the rooms were buried in garbage. There was damaged furniture, mountains of empty boxes and abandoned broken toys all around. Next to the children’s easel was a cat tray filled with contents and not cleaned for a very long time.

The kitchen and bathroom were especially amazing. There were huge doubts whether this kitchen had ever been cooked or used only for dumping torn pieces of furniture? And the dilapidated bathroom, overgrown with garbage and dirty laundry? It was difficult even to go to the toilet here! When the owner made his way to the refrigerator and opened it, he was almost knocked down by the smell of rotten food and its appearance.

The overall picture was complemented by large full bags of garbage standing in several places. Even the walls of the house themselves seemed to break purposefully. They had solid holes of unknown origin, not to mention dirty divorces. The man was ready to snap, but managed to pull himself together. He took pictures of everything, contacted his lawyer and started further actions. Since the couple left the apartment in complete chaos, the landlord had a perfect plan. It took some time to find a new place of residence for their former tenants.

It turned out to be only a few blocks from his house. The owner hired a team of workers to clean the whole house and even part of the plot from this nightmare. Seeing the condition of the house, they were shocked. The unfortunate Thomas told about his situation and the further plan of action. After that, the assistants were inspired and with pleasure began to pull out mountains of garbage into the back of a large car.

They worked for several hours and pulled out 50 large bags of garbage, not to mention furniture and everything else. After that, a full dump truck with garbage drove up to the porch of the newly rented house and dumped all the contents right in front of the door. Ravo posted all the photos of his house in a terrible state and a video of a truck unloading garbage to its owners on his Facebook page. Thomas described the whole story. He signed the video “return to sender”.

And he wrote to his former tenants that it was a terrible shame to raise children in such conditions. At the end of the story, he wished great patience to their new landlord. The video has been viewed thousands of times. The vast majority of people fully agreed with Ravo’s actions. But still, the person who is now renting a house to this family is not to be envied now.

Impudence and disrespectful attitude to someone else’s property must be punished. Because in most cases, it is precisely because of the unsuccessful experience of renting0 housing that landlords become callous to the problems of other people and lose confidence even in good tenants who have temporary difficulties.

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