Rescue of blind kittens who were in icy water

Nicholas with his girlfriend and friends walked along the embankment of the river. And suddenly they saw a box of kittens floating down the river. The young people found a stick and tried to pull out the box, but they did not succeed, and the box with kittens was carried further away from the shore.

Then Nicholas undressed and climbed into the icy water. The box softened and the kittens, clinging to each other, began to sink. Nicholas had to dive and pull the kittens out of the water. Miraculously and thanks to the actions of the guy, the kittens did not drown.

Спасение слепых котят, которые оказались в ледяной воде

Friends helped Nicholas and the kittens to get to the shore and, wrapping the kids in a warm scarf, began to rub the guy and give him their warm clothes, and one of the passers-by treated him to whiskey so that he would warm up. And the whole friendly company, together with the rescued kittens, went to Nikolai’s friend Ole, whose cat had recently given birth to kittens.

Cat Murka, hearing the plaintive squeak of kittens, became worried, began to lick them and feed them with her milk. Young people breathed a sigh of relief that now the lives of kittens are not in danger and they have a adoptive mother cat who will warm and feed them.

When the kittens grew up and grew stronger, one kitten was taken by Nicholas, and the other two remained with his girlfriend.

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