Predator Cheetah and dog were in the same cage in the zoo

This story of a cheetah’s friendship with a puppy took place at the Richmond Zoo. The mother of the cheetah gave birth to six cubs. One of the cubs was very weak and could have died, as the mama cheetah refused it.

Zoo workers placed a small cub in a separate cell for artificial feeding. The baby was fed milk from a bottle. When the baby grew up and grew stronger, he was returned back to his family.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the cheetah family did not want to accept Kumbali, as the baby cheetah was called. Kumbali watched with sad eyes as her brothers and sisters played, but when she tried to approach them, they growled aggressively and did not make contact.

Kumbali was very lonely, she refused food and sat quietly in the corner of the cage. Kumbali began to lose weight. Measures had to be taken to save her. Cheetahs are such animals that cannot live alone, they need support and communication, in freedom they live in packs.

I urgently needed a friend for the cheetah. Kumbali decided to put in an enclosure to a puppy who had recently been taken from an animal shelter and was the same age as Kumbali. The fate of the puppy was similar to the fate of the cheetah. He, too, was abandoned and grew up without his mother, although he was still young, but had already suffered a lot of suffering.

The puppy was friendly and playful. At first, Kumbali was suspicious of her new friend, but then, when the puppy licked the cheetah and wagged his tail with joy, Kumbali immediately accepted his friendship.

A small cheetah and a puppy played, not paying attention to zoo visitors. After playing around, they curled up lumps and slept together, warming each other.

Kumbali, despite the fact that the habits of a predator were manifested in character and habits, was inferior to a bowl of food to a dog. Over time, Kumbali became a graceful and huge cat. The puppy also turned into a large and beautiful dog, but in height it was inferior to a beautiful cheetah.

This pair of dog and cheetah was inseparable and was the hallmark of the zoo and still pleases visitors. On the example of the friendship of a cheetah and a dog, such different animals, people have something to learn from them.

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