Oregon woman saves 1 horse — then ends up rescuing 200 more animals

When Claire Staples turned 50, she decided to do something meaningful with her life. She had a small ranch in California and decided to rescue a couple of horses. However, the more she saved, the more she realized that there were so many animals who needed land and a place to be free again.

Oregon woman saves 1 horse — then ends up rescuing 200 more animals

After a couple of years of rescuing, she bought a 9000-acre ranch (Skydog Sanctuary) in Oregon. She recently rescued a very skinny and sad horse named Dream. Claire wanted to let the horse know that she was safe and everything would be fine.

The horse was a branded mustang and the skinniest horse Claire had ever taken in. Nevertheless, she had decided to help the poor soul without any thoughts about what would happen in the future. The rescuer took precautions to keep the horse mentally and physically well.

The horse started to warm up to Claire. She grew closer and closer every single day. She had set up a board with the timings of her feeds. Every morning the rescuer would walk down to see her. Soon, the horse started waiting for her at her fence.

It was the most significant connection the rescuer had ever felt with any horse. It was almost like they were going through this together. Claire was pleased about her rescue work. Horses had always been her first love.

Oregon woman saves 1 horse — then ends up rescuing 200 more animals

Claire had thought in the beginning that maybe she would rescue 50 horses and some donkeys, but the number of animals kept growing. So now Skydog Sanctuary has over 200 equines and is still growing.

Claire felt that it had been the most fulfilling & gratifying thing she had ever done. The rescuer wanted the horses to heal both emotionally and physically. It gave her immense pleasure to find the horses gaining their life back. After 6 months, Dream almost looked normal. Claire believed Dream was a miracle, and she had a special place in her heart.

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