Not only people are “sick” on January 1 in the morning! A selection of rumpled cat faces after the New Year

But how well it all started, and how fun it all ended!

Well, nothing, now Oliviers, Mandarin, 100 combat grams and you’re back in service!

Although it happens, and so that neither tangerines nor grams help, and you spend the whole day with a jar of brine, a glass of water, or a rich broth.

And by the way, our smaller brothers on January 1 are experiencing no less stress. So many “funny” faces around you do not often see. And everybody grabs, strokes, pats.

And a fluffy one needs it at all, eh? Night so-and-so, it’s time to sleep!

Well, maybe, while you turned away he and poured champagne out of the wine glass. And such guys meet!

Image is nothing – thirst is everything!

Water is water…..!!!

Natasha, I went to bed 2 hours ago. What do you need?

Can you make it a little cooler? Woot wooot, perfect!

When I went to the Christmas tree at night, and when you come you see this muzzle!)

And why haven’t I been offered this by the hostess before?? Yummy!

When in the morning there is only champagne in glasses, and you try to find at least one of them mineral water.

Excuse me, am I going to lie down here for a while?

Have the guests already left? No? Then wake up as they leave!

Don’t ask where I’ve been hanging around all night, just open the cold…

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