Neighbors call the police on the boy who mows the lawn. This entails consequences

It is important to build good relations with neighbors, otherwise completely different people may suffer because of your quarrels. But it also happens that unexpected problems lead to great luck. As the Russian folk proverb says: “There is no silver lining without good.” In Cleveland, Ohio, little Reginald Fields, 12 years old, organized a small business for the summer with his cousins and sisters. They went and went to mow the lawns of everyone who ordered.

As long as it was not far from their city. Lucille Holt-Colden saw them near one of the small shops. The guys were finishing their work. She was amazed at how neatly and quickly the children work, and invited them to mow the lawn at her house. Lucille happily filmed on her phone how one boy was quickly wielding a lawn mower, others were sweeping up the grass, and two girls were shaking out of garbage bags.

They ran like hardworking goosebumps. And everything was going well until the neighbors called the police. They said that a teenager was cutting grass on a nearby plot. And now he drove into their plot and arbitrarily cut off part of the grass cover. When Holt saw a policeman at her station, she was taken aback, wondering what could have happened. The police lieutenant took the hostess away from the children and told her that her neighbor had called the police due to the fact that the children had stopped by her plot.

Outraged, Lucille told the policeman that the children could have slightly seized the plot due to the fact that there is no dividing fence. She said that in general, the neighbor should be glad that the children do not steal or break windows, but try to earn money during the holidays. She admitted that this lady has called the police for the third time.

The first time was when her grandchildren were playing snowballs. Another time, when the son put the car on his own lawn. The officer, Joe Moxiran, saw that friendly children who had done nothing wrong were working at the site and left. Fields later said that he did not know at all that he had driven into someone else’s plot and did not want to. He was discouraged and upset. But the owner of the site praised them for their good work.

She decided to support the children. She posted a video with her comments on her Facebook page. She said that a lady living nearby is just a “hellish” neighbor who does not like living next to other people. The post has received more than 700 thousand views and a lot of outraged comments. When neighbors called a policeman to a 12-year-old boy who was mowing the lawn, they did not expect that this would have the best consequences for him.

People, wanting to support hardworking children, began to write to Lucille asking her to connect them with the children.Many wanted to invite “Mr. Reggie’s lawn mowing service” to their site to work. He became famous in his city and its surroundings. The boy’s business went up the hill. The guys have already ordered simple business cards and are distributing them to their potential customers. The guy is saving money and told a local radio station that he dreams of buying new equipment.

Holt-Colden also said that the guy started working to help his mother, who cares for a disabled grandfather. Then, on Lucille’s page, people saw a representative of the community handing the boy a new lawn mower and a leaf blower. Mayor Annette M. Blackwell said that this is a very touching story and shows that wonderful children and generous adults live next to them. A neighbor of Miss Holt-Colden said that she has lived in this place for more than 30 years.

She called the police because the relationship between them is very tense and it is impossible to communicate in any other way. And it was necessary to tell Lucille to remove the mowers from their territory, from which garbage was flying. She asked the police to call her husband. Lucille decided to help the hardworking guys a little more. On the GoFundMe crowdfunding platform, she told the story of Reggie Fields and invited those who can help him in his work to transfer any possible amount to their family and to support a small business.

Now the main slogan in Fields’ “firm” is: “Just call me. I’ll be there. On time.” Reggie’s mother hopes that others will not call the police just because her boy mows the lawn. Now she calls her son a real entrepreneur. Events that at first seem unpleasant can bring unexpected luck. Therefore, you should never get upset and upset! But adults still have to distinguish between the hooliganism of children with part-time work, in the end you could just go out and make a remark to the guys, well, or….. hire them….

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