Little Girl Puts Her Classmate In A Headlock Because He Asked Her To Marry Him

Little Girl Puts Her Classmate In A Headlock Because He Asked Her To Marry Him

Kynlee McFetridge, a 3-year old young lady, put one of her classmates into a wrestling hold after he requested that she marry him.

She as of now goes to preschool in Saint Charles, Missouri. Kynlee’s mom circled back to the occurrence by posing her inquiries.

Be warned, there are some heartbreaking details below!

The unfortunate kid’s name was Jack. He requested that Kynlee marry him which she could have done without. “But kids don’t get married so that is the reason I put a headlock down on him, and that is the reason I brought him down,” Kynlee can be heard telling her mom in the video.

However, the thinking behind why she did it in any case will make you extremely upset. When she was only five months old, Kynlee went through heart medical procedure. Her dad, Scott McFetridge, showed her how to wrestle to cause her to feel more grounded. He said that his thinking for wrestling and roughhousing with her was to make her more grounded so she could get up to speed to different children.

Kynlee’s dad comprehends that she might have gotten a little bit too harsh during the time spent his endeavors. But above all, it has created her a more grounded young lady who can and will support herself.

I accept that Kynlee’s dad worked really hard of showing her how to support herself. In spite of the fact that she didn’t have to place Jack in that frame of mind for his inquiry, it was all in great soul.

So, what do you think? Was Kynlee too rough or was it a learning experience? Give us your opinion, we’d love to hear it! Ask your friends what they think about this too!

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