King Cobra Appeals to People 😱 for Help

This story took place in the south of India in the village of Kaiga. The fact that snakes can appear on the streets of cities in India, no one will be surprised. Although it is better to avoid meeting with them, because they pose a threat to a person.

That summer was dry. Both people and animals suffered from a lack of water and moisture. On one of the hot days, people in the market were frightened by the appearance of the most aggressive and poisonous snake, the bite of which can kill even an elephant, the king cobra.

A five-meter reptile appeared in the central square of the village, when at that time there were many people there. The brown-olive color of the reptile glistened in the sun. Sticking out her forked tongue, she didn’t understand or usually behave. Having risen to her full height, she began to attract attention to herself, if she asked people for something. Her behavior was not aggressive.

Experienced snake catchers were called. One of the snake experts realized that he wanted a reptile. She was dehydrated and begging for water. The man cautiously approached the snake and offered her a plastic water bottle. The snake greedily drank all the water. Apparently, she suffered from thirst for a long time and came to people for help.

After drinking water, the snake slowly crawled away. Even the most dangerous predators turn to people for help. In the case of the snake, the specialists successfully coped with the task and helped the snake.

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