Husband dumped his wife for young mistress, and when he came back, there was a BIG SURPRISE for him

Emma’s husband Jack left her for her colleague Wendy. Wendy was much younger than Emma, a bright and glamorous girl who had recently graduated from college. The women’s colleagues watched the situation with interest, and rumors swirled around the office.

Jack picked up his new girlfriend from work every night, and Emma often watched them cuddle through the window. He often came with a bouquet, and Emma couldn’t remember the last time Jack had given her even a single rose. Their marriage could be called ordinary.

They had a daughter who was in school. Jack made good money, and after the divorce, he left the apartment to his ex-wife and daughter, and soon he bought himself a new property. He proposed to Wendy and the couple was expecting a child.

Emma found out all these details from her colleagues who whispered behind her back, thinking she couldn’t hear them. Emma was disgusted and hurt to hear all this, but on the other hand, some strange curiosity kept her going. Deep down she wanted to know every last detail. For the continuation watch the video.

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