Hare rescued puppies who died mother dog

Victoria Sleptsova once saw a large hole in the vicinity of her house. As she came closer, a hare popped out of the hole. Victoria heard that a hare had disappeared from the farm, which was located three kilometers from the village. Apparently, this hare dug a hole and settled next to her house.

The woman began to feed the hare, which treated her with confidence. The hare lived carelessly in the hole and this suited him. Once, on one of the frosty days, Victoria saw a large dog near the hole. She feared for Ushastik’s life. But I was surprised when I saw that the dog and the hare were hiding together in a hole.

Soon, looking into the hole, the woman saw small puppies there. The woman has more worries. The animal family has increased. Now she fed not only the hare, but also the puppies. Somehow the dog did not come, and then the woman found out that she had been shot.

After the tragedy, Ushastik took care of the puppies. He watched the puppies, not allowing them to leave the hole, licked them, drove away curious cats. Warming the puppies with its warmth and protecting them from adversity, the hare did not allow them to die in severe frosts.

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