For 4 years he fed a crow family: the crows rewarded him!

We are all one with nature because we are part of it. And I don’t understand a couple and it becomes strange, from how a person treats her and her inhabitants. For example, a person scares a dove or another representative of the natural fauna, what does he prove by this?

In the USA, one of the residents of the city of King Mark Clarson, lives a very amazing person. Like everyone else, he has a job and a family. Since childhood, he loves and respects nature and has always treated it well, especially birds.


He could always help a wounded bird. He always took her home, nursed her, treated her, and after a full recovery, released the bird back into the wild.

A tree grows near Mark’s house, on which a couple of crows have settled, making a nest. The chatter of yellowmouths reached Mark’s windows. He was delighted and enjoyed his life and the animals.

One day while walking with his family, he found that two chicks were lying on the ground near a tree. Apparently the curiosity of the chicks forced them to roll over the edge of the nest. But more fortunately, they did not suffer and remained alive and even without visible damage.

Mark took them and put them on the highest branch he could reach. The parents of the chicks watched the action of the man from above. When they moved a distance, they took their chicks back to the nest.

After this incident, the friendship of the crows with Mark began. And when Mark passed by the nest, he would definitely throw something edible and thereby enter into the trust of the bird family.

Unfortunately, there was a misfortune for the crow family, the mother bird did not return home. This meant that the bird was dead. Now the whole family lay on the shoulders of Raven’s dad. But Mark has been helping the crow family all this time for 4 years.

The most surprising thing was that the birds know how to give thanks. The man began to discover gratitude from the birds. For two days in a row, he found two sprigs of spruce on his porch and they were wearing tin rings from cans. In every way, they tried to please the person.

Mark himself and his family were so shocked by the bird present that he posted this story on the Internet, it scattered around the Internet and collected positive comments. One of the commentators wrote that crows love everything shiny and if they give such gifts to a person, it means that they give love and gratitude in return for help.

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