Dad don’t eat a cake tomorrow, mom put poison in it for you,” said the daughter…

It is often said that “the truth speaks through the mouth of a baby.” But if you take this as an axiom, sometimes you can make mistakes, and very seriously. Today I will plant a story that has been walking on the web for a long time. Next is the story from the words of the heroine. Thinking about how to please my husband on his birthday, I decided to stop at cakes.

According to his mother-in-law, he adored them since childhood. With pleasure, I “cracked” now. We were all going together tomorrow. “I will please Seryozha,” I thought– “and his parents will be pleased that his daughter-in-law chose her son’s favorite dish.” Hearing that it smelled delicious, my baby ran into the kitchen. Olushka was only 3 years old, but she was already trying in every way to delve into what I was doing. To the extent of his understanding, of course. My husband was watching football in the room.

We started making dough together. Looking at the shelf, I didn’t see the baking powder and remembered that I forgot to buy it. But the hostess will always find how to replace one ingredient with another. Fortunately, soda and vinegar were always in the house. At first I wanted to “extinguish” soda with lemon juice. But there was no live lemon.

“Well, okay, let there be vinegar,” I decided, “Grandma always used it.” After putting the soda and vinegar on the table, I started looking for a cup. At this moment, the nimble daughter grabbed a transparent bottle of vinegar. “Water, can I have a drink?” she said, trying to open the lid. I was terribly scared.

She made a stern face and answered, barely restraining herself from shouting: “You can’t drink this. It’s not water, it’s poison. If you drink– you will get poisoned and it will be very, very painful. And then you’ll die. Do you understand, daughter?”. And mentally I already imagined all the horrors of if my daughter had taken even the slightest sip from the bottle, Olushka put the bottle on the table in fright.

Still with trembling hands, I extinguished the soda with vinegar, added it to the dough and stirred it well. After that, I started whipping cream. Then it was the turn to form cakes. Preoccupied with my thoughts, I did not immediately notice that Olya was looking at my actions with dilated eyes. Not knowing what the real reason is, I decided that the process of making cakes has become very amazing for a modern child.

“This is how delicious cooking is done,” I said to the baby with satisfaction when everything was ready for planting in the oven. The daughter asked who would eat the cakes? I answered: “These are Dad’s favorites. Grandma and Grandpa are coming tomorrow. And we’ll treat them.”

After I put the cakes in the oven, my daughter was drowning in Dad’s room. And I did it very quickly. “As if she was running away from me While everything was being prepared, she decided to relax with her family. Olushka was sitting in an embrace with Dad.

My husband asked me what I was cooking? I replied that delicious cakes, which I will treat my beloved husband and his parents. The look of her husband became completely frightening. There was something apprehensively threatening about him. – And how do you feel about me? “What is it?” he asked. “Great,” I replied, smiling. – Aren’t my parents bothering you? – Yes, I’m only glad if they come to us. At least Olechka has more fun!

What kind of questions? – And my daughter said that you added poison to the cakes and will treat me and my grandparents. And she asked me not to eat pies. Then, finally, it dawned on me what my daughter had warned dad about. I had to deal with my husband, what kind of “poison” I added to him. Slowly asking Olechka what mom was doing, we found out what was “poison”.

When the daughter confirmed where the poison was, the husband finally calmed down. For a long time he joked about the fact that his wife feeds him “poison”. And I was glad that my Sergey had a sense of humor and an adequate perception of reality. Such surprises are sometimes presented by children. And it’s good that it happened in the family, and not with strangers.

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