Cats are the most controversial creatures in the world! funny cats

Do you know why cats are the most controversial creatures in the world? Because they have their own logic, understandable only to themselves. No one knows exactly what their cat-cats will whisper in their heads today. Maybe go out through the window to the balcony, stand there and yell until they let them in, but how will they open it and go the other way? Or take your tastiest food out of the bowl and bring it to the dirty entrance mat and hamster it there? Or just jump on the spot, run away in an unknown direction and let the person think what he wants!

Today, the most controversial cats have gathered here, the logic of which is understandable only to true cat lovers.

There is always time for kus

No matter what a person or other animal is doing at the moment, there is always time for a bite. Even if the target is not moving, it can be moved and bitten at the same time. Even if at this moment the hand feeds the cat, it can be bitten. And then be offended that this hand removed the yummy.

I took a walk!

Why stand under the door and shout, why scratch under the door, resting your head, trying to open it yourself? If you can just hang on it, and a person is simply obliged to feel that there is a cat hanging silently outside the door and it should be launched home.

Drink, sleep or dig?

Who needs beds, drinkers or other useful things for a cat if there is a porcelain friend in which you can do everything at once. And drink, and sleep, and wash, and even hide the treasure. Most importantly, then run around the whole apartment so that the fur dries out after such procedures.

I sleep where I want!

How to explain to people that you can not close the doors in the cat’s apartment. They should always be open, even if it is the door to the toilet, and the person went there out of need. Let everyone see what a person is doing there, but you can’t move a cat, he brings up.

Man, let me in, I want to eat!

Go out the window, wander around the site, and then, hungry, return home, but why is the door closed? And how can a cat get in now? No, no, not at all where he left. Only through the door – this is the shortest way to the bowl, by the way, why climb through the window.

Thirst is our everything!

If the cat really wanted to drink, then why does he drink water everywhere except his own bowl? A puddle on the floor? Water is like honey, sweet! Drink from a watering can? Yes, what a divine nectar! Drink from a man from a mug? He poured it especially for the cat, and not for himself, how can you resist!

I am invisible!

All cats are convinced that they are the most brilliant hide-and-seek players. Do you see a cat here? And he is! If the cat does not see you, then it has become invisible, the tail is also invisible and even all the paws are invisible. So you can’t see him!

Story End!

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