Disabled Dog That Was Dumped By Its Heartless Owners Twice In One Day Finds A Forever Home

There are far too many heart-shattering videos and pictures of evil (let’s be real) people aband.oning their pets. We usually don’t cover these sorrowful stories on Bored Panda unless those furry friends got the happy ending they deserved. Luckily, this story is one of those with the happy endings. A horrifying video of a disabled … Read more

A farmer put a chicken egg in a hawk’s nest, that’s what happened when the chicken hatched!

It is generally known that the cuckoo is a mother who throws her eggs into other people’s nests. Therefore, birds raise other people’s foster children, not knowing about the substitution. But I wonder how large birds of prey will behave with such a substitution? This is exactly what today’s story is about. One of the … Read more