Kind ostrich helped an orphaned elephant by comforting him and they became best friends at animal sanctuary

Wild animals never cease to amaze us with their unlikely friendship. These wonderful, gentle creatures have the ability to love and comfort each other, like human beings. But this special  friendship between different species will, probably, melt your hearts. Meet Pea, an ostrich and Jotto, a little elephant, who farmed a unique relationship at the … Read more

Lonely Husky finding their gate open rushed to greet and hug his best friend lab living in their neighborhood

Dogs are very friendly creatures. There are so many stories about unique friendship of those lovely souls. But the special relationship, which arose between a Husky and a Labrador, is so incredible. They farmed a friendship without even seeing each other, so called, a bond in distance, or an interspace friendship. Meet Messy, a yellow … Read more

Missing three-year-old girl is finally found after search party hears dog barking in cornfield

One evening, Timberlyn Merritt, a housewife and mother of three young children, was doing household chores. Her three-year-old daughter Remy played in her room. Suddenly the mother became alert. The usually noisy baby was very quiet. Every parent knows that if the child is quiet, then something has happened. When Timberlyn entered Remy’s room, the … Read more

Sick puppy was left to die in a bucket, but six months later he became the employee of the month in the police

Last summer, animal volunteers in Surrey, UK, were called to an abandoned house where four spaniel puppies had been left in a bucket. The babies were in a terrible state: the fur was almost peeled off from insect bites, the ears and eyes were affected by a chronic infection. The puppies were emaciated and physically … Read more