Beautiful pianist’s “Sound of Silence” is gripping hearts

I barely breathed, this is so enchanting.

This very pretty piano cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence” will make it’s way into your heart with her creative and beautiful playing style.

Her name is Gamazda and she’s quite popular.

She’s an incredible pianist who covers loads of genres with well thought out videos.

Beautiful pianist’s “Sound of Silence” is gripping hearts

Her skills, honed and polished by the school, clearly shows in this rendition.

Beautiful pianist’s “Sound of Silence” is gripping hearts

She plays that familiar, haunting melody but what’s a real treat here is that Gamazda also has a xylophone.

The instrument just adds another cool layer during her playing.

OneShot OneKill loves Gamazda’s video so much he says in the comments section,

“Quite honestly, I love the fact that she is playing an older piano in need of some TLC! Beautiful things often come from items overlooked in the West. The xylophone is a very nice touch and one I had not seen done before. Great job!”

Gamazda doesn’t just play for the fame or the views and likes either.

Just look at that smile on her face as she tickles those keys.

Another viewer named Richard Tino commented,

“Beautiful. I listened with my eyes closed first and savored all the minor keys. The way this song erupts with a flurry of notes but they’re so soft and harmonized together. I love this!”

Do yourself a favor and close your eyes. Shut the door, lower the lights and just listen to Gamazda’s version.

It’s just perfect after a long, hard day to help bring rest and relaxtion.

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