Disabled Dog That Was Dumped By Its Heartless Owners Twice In One Day Finds A Forever Home

There are far too many heart-shattering videos and pictures of evil (let’s be real) people aband.oning their pets. We usually don’t cover these sorrowful stories on Bored Panda unless those furry friends got the happy ending they deserved. Luckily, this story is one of those with the happy endings. A horrifying video of a disabled … Read more

They adopted a 5-year-old girl, when she learned to speak English, they learned the terrible truth

The lives of children in different countries are strikingly different. Sometimes they get into such terrible situations that not every adult can cope with. Jessica and Adam Davis did not need money and raised four native children. But they really wanted to share their love and give a chance of a good life to a … Read more

Neighbors call the police on the boy who mows the lawn. This entails consequences

It is important to build good relations with neighbors, otherwise completely different people may suffer because of your quarrels. But it also happens that unexpected problems lead to great luck. As the Russian folk proverb says: “There is no silver lining without good.” In Cleveland, Ohio, little Reginald Fields, 12 years old, organized a small … Read more