After son’s funeral, woman wouldn’t let pregnant daughter-in-law home. A few years later she saw her

Madeline often had the same dream. She dreamed that her little son Elliot came home from school in tears because his classmates called him a beggar and teased him that he had been born of the unknown. Every time after this dream, the woman woke up in a cold sweat.

She worried that her son lacked something in life. Madeline was raising Elliot alone. Her boyfriend left her without any help when she became pregnant. It was very hard for her at first. Almost every night she cried into her pillow with helplessness, but then she pulled herself together.

Right after high school, the girl learned to be a seamstress, and she inherited an old sewing machine from her late mother. She had little money left, but she bought good fabric and sewed a few cute sets for the newborn.

Madeline went around all the children’s stores in the neighborhood and, to her great joy, the owners of several of them agreed to sell the sets. For the continuation watch the video.

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