After filling up the car at the gas station, the young people went on with the dog.

Emilia and her boyfriend went on a car trip. They stopped at a gas station to fill up the car and go to the store for groceries. And when they returned from the store, they saw a large hairy young dog near their car.

The dog looked at the young people with a trusting look and they got the impression that the dog was waiting for their arrival. Young people decided that the dog was lost and is looking for its owner. They went around all the cars at the gas station, but never found the owner of the dog.

And when we looked closely at the dog, we noticed that its hair was dirty and matted and it was clear that the animal had been on the street for a long time.

They felt sorry for the dog, because he had neither a house nor a master. The dog settled at the gas station and wandered from car to car in the hope that he would be paid attention to, fed, and maybe taken with him. With full hope of eyes, the dog looked at the young people.

Emilia took a sausage out of the bag and fed the dog. A local resident approached the young people and said that the dog was nobody’s and she came to the gas station and fed stray dogs.

Emilia’s heart clenched with pity for the dog and the young people first decided not to leave the dog at the gas station, but to take him to an animal shelter.

But when the girl stroked the dog and he began to caress, the young people could not part with him and the three of them continued the journey, along with their pet.

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