A young mother hesitates to open the door – then looks at the security camera and sees a teenager.

Surely, even as a child or even now you receive constant recommendations that it would be better not to open the door to strangers. Your parents definitely told you: “if you’re home alone, then don’t open the door to anyone!” But sometimes very unusual things happen in such situations. Melissa Wang is a young mom from the USA, she still adheres to the rule of not opening doors to strangers.

We often hear stories about people knocking on the door, who thus try to check if there is anyone in the apartment from the owners. It could be scammers or thieves, the girl immediately thought about it when she heard a knock on her door. Melissa and her two young daughters were all alone at home. The husband was at work. She wasn’t expecting guests.

And that’s what excited her. “If I’m at home alone and someone knocks on my door or rings the bell, I immediately get alert. I don’t expect guests, couriers, and so on… yes, I often get scared. At that time, I was also very scared.” The girl told me. For the sake of such cases, Melissa and her husband put a camera over the front door to then observe what is happening outside.

This played a key role in this story. After some time after a series of knocks, Melissa decided to sit down at the table and look at the situation through the prism of the surveillance camera. All her life Melissa has been sure that if someone tries to get into her house, it is certainly the work of bad people. But in this episode, the man breaking into her house had unexpected intentions under his actions.

The knocker was an ordinary teenager who clearly did not arouse suspicion or danger. As it turned out, his name was Tyler Opdyke. He really knocked on the door to find out if the owners were present at home. Suddenly he saw a surveillance camera, thought for a while and approached her. Then the guy took something out of his pocket and started twisting it in his hands right in front of the camera.

Melissa took a closer look and realized what it was. It was her husband’s wallet. Tylar also showed the money to make it clearer what he was showing. And in the wallet, among other things, there were as much as fifteen hundred dollars. It turned out that Tyler was moonlighting as a flyer boy. When he was on the neighbor’s path, he saw a lost leather wallet.

Most likely, Melissa’s husband dropped it when he went to work. The guy picked up the wallet and decided to deliver it to the address, so to speak. Tyler came to the house, knocked a couple of times, and then resorted to an interesting solution with a camera. That was pretty, smart! He pointed to the camera where he was going to put his wallet before leaving.

Obviously, the guy was sure that the family would review the recording later. However, he was worried that he might be passing a valuable thing to the wrong people, so after a couple of minutes he returned to the house again. Tyler wanted to make sure that his decision was correct.

It was at this moment that Melissa came out, who was very touched by Tyler’s act. “When I found the wallet, I decided to return it to the owner. You know, if I lost my wallet, then I would like someone to do the same as me. That’s why it was important for me to get him into the right hands.”- Tyler explained in an interview a little later.

The family, by the way, was insanely grateful to the guy for his act. They, just like us, think that Tyler did the right and noble thing. Surely such a kind person will have a happy future. Not everyone finding such a sum will do the same. Let’s wish him luck.

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