A young couple sheltered a small street kitten, which from weakness could not even meow.

A kitten named Chernysh lives for eight months in the house of Mikhail and Julia. He was lucky enough to become the favorite pet in their family.

But eight months ago, a month-old black-colored flea kitten, they found on the street. The kitten was weak that it could not meow, but made only hoarse sounds. He was so skinny that he could hardly hold on to his skinny paws.

Young people took the baby to their home and treated him with care and attention. Because it was black in color, they called the fluffy Chernysh. The cat was bathed, drilled and fed. Soon they noticed that the kitten did not respond to sounds.

The next day, the young people took the kitten to the veterinary clinic for examination. The kitten was deaf, although no abnormalities were detected. To the fact that Chernysh did not make sounds, he also did not hear anything. But it didn’t last long.

Soon, after a good meal, Chernysh had a loud voice, with which in the morning he began to wake up his masters to work. Mikhail and Julia are very pleased with their pet, which brought a lot of positive things into their lives.

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