A stray kitten found a home and was able to become a favorite in the family, although the owner did not like cats.

When Stepanida heard her dog barking loudly, she went out into the yard to see what bothered the dog. It was raining and it was cold.

She saw a small wet kitten near the front door, shivering from the cold. Although the woman did not like cats and considered them selfish, but she felt sorry for the baby, because he could freeze until the morning and she decided to temporarily keep the cat until she found his owner.

The next day, after asking the neighbors about the stray kitten, the woman realized that the kitten was homeless and she thought to give it to her sister, who loved cats. She named the cat Tigress. She put a soft and fluffy rug on him to keep the baby warm and cozy.

The kitten turned out to be nimble and quickly got used to the house, even managed to make friends with a dog named Cookie. When she woke up in the morning, she saw Tigress near her, who was caressing and purring. All day he followed Stepanida and caressed her.

During these days, the woman got used to the cat, that when her sister came to visit, she decided not to give her a fluffy. Since that time, Tigress has become her favorite pet. And Tigric is happy that he has a kind owner and a friend dog Koki.

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