A sick puppy who lived in an old tire smiled charmingly at people.

The pet puppy, who was a little more than a year old, suffered from skin diseases, but the owners did not want to treat him and decided to get rid of him.

They took him out of town and left him next to an industrial plant where there was a lot of heavy traffic, hoping that there he would die faster under the wheels of cars.

But the puppy survived and settled in an old used car tire, where he was discovered by warehouse workers and began to bring food to the puppy and share his lunch. At first, the puppy was afraid of people, but then he met them charmingly smiling at them.

But the dog needed treatment and a real home. To help the puppy, people who are not indifferent to his fate, took the puppy to an animal shelter. There it was called Panama. After examination by a veterinarian, the puppy revealed a number of skin diseases and worms, but all diseases were subject to treatment.

All the care of the puppy was taken over by volunteer Michelle, who liked the affectionate and smiling baby. The girl seriously took up his treatment. She made the puppy therapeutic baths, lubricated his head with special ointments and gradually the disease began to recede, and after two months the puppy became healthy.

To keep the puppy warm, she made some warm suits for him. The puppy is now in the safe hands of Michelle, who loves him and will never betray him.

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