A girl in an animal shelter chose a traumatized and ugly dog – whom no one wanted to take away and everyone abandoned him.

A girl came to the animal shelter to choose a dog. She walked for a long time near the cages with animals and finally opted for a dog that everyone refused and no one wanted to take because the dog was ugly and even injured.

The girl once made a promise to herself that she would help homeless and unhappy animals that no one needs and from which everyone has abandoned. She herself grew up and was brought up in an orphanage and was abandoned by her mother.

The girl dreamed then of a family and a dog that would become her friend and protector. Choosing the profession of a veterinarian, she professionally operated and treated animals, helping them to become healthy.

She named the dog Buddy. Thanks to the efforts and professional skill of his mistress, the Friend was already unrecognizable in a couple of months. He became healthy and beautiful. So the dog acquired a caring and loving mistress, and the mistress acquired a devoted friend.

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