A fast food employee jumped out the window after noticing a child in the back seat of a car

Working in fast food can be considered a real school of life for young people. For them, this is both their first employment experience and an opportunity to get money. Although such work seems monotonous and uninteresting, unusual stories and incidents can also be associated with it. One of these stories happened to 19-year-old Logan Simmons from Georgia. This guy dreams of starting his own restaurant business, but for now he works in a branch of Georgia Chick-fil-A.

On one of the quite ordinary working days, Logan was preparing food when he suddenly heard panicked screams from the street. The guy looked out the window of the food delivery and realized that the screams were coming from a car that had just pulled up. The woman who was driving the car screamed: her 6-year-old son got tangled in the seat belt and is now suffocating, and she does not know what to do.

The woman was in a panic and needed help, and immediate help. She really hoped that one of the employees of the autocafe would be able to save her son. All the employees stood in complete confusion and did not know what to do. After all, it wasn’t what they were used to–cooking or serving drinks. Everything turned out to be much more complicated! Logan was also among his colleagues.

He saw that a boy was sitting in the back seat, and something strange was happening to him. Like an animal caught in a snare, the kid tried to free himself from the belt, but he only made it worse, tightening it tighter and tighter around his neck. The child’s body turned red, and his face became incredibly pale. The baby was suffering. Logan was aware that he needed to do something, and as soon as possible – there was no time to think.

But there was another problem – the distance. All the fast food employees were standing in the kitchen, and the child was sitting in a car that was on the street. If you run to the car through the front door, it is unlikely that you will be able to make it… At that moment Logan’s instincts kicked in, he ran and jumped out of the narrow window for food delivery, barely squeezing through it. And the next moment the guy was next to the car. He jumped inside and saw that the boy could no longer breathe.

Logan immediately took action. Pulling a penknife out of his pocket, he began to cut the belt and free the child from it. The belt turned out to be incredibly strong, it was hard to cut it. But the young man did not give up. Later, he told about it like this: “Now I understand that I spent seconds doing this, but they seemed like long hours to me.” Logan continued the story: “Finally I cut the belt. The boy immediately took a breath of air and leaned back in his seat. I realized that there was nothing wrong with his breathing.”

Since then, Logan Simmons has become a real hero and celebrity in his city. His act was written about in the newspapers, the story was shown on television. Many people even specially came to the autocafe where the “newly-proclaimed hero” worked, just to look at him or, if possible, to talk. And how does Logan react to this? “It’s really nice and pleasant when you get praise and support from society. I felt like a real hero,” he says.

And after some thought, he continues: “But I still don’t like such increased attention. I wasn’t looking for fame, I was just trying to help a person whose life was under threat. I am still a little shocked and have not moved away from what happened, but I am very grateful to God for being able to help.” There is something else interesting in all this story. Logan Simmons lost his father at the age of 8, and since adolescence he has been constantly working to buy a car.

The children’s charity foundation “November Smiles”, which helps children and teenagers realize that even in the most difficult periods of their lives they have something to smile and rejoice in, gave Logan some money to buy cars. This foundation also organized a GoFundMe campaign, the purpose of which is to help the guy raise the necessary amount to purchase the car of his dreams. The young man is very grateful for financial support, although he believes that he can achieve everything in this life himself.

And there is no doubt about it, because he has all the qualities that a successful businessman needs: he knows how to remain calm in difficult life situations and make responsible decisions in a timely manner. And, of course, his most important quality is his indifference and desire to help others. Well, the guy not only helped other people, but also adequately coped with the fame that suddenly fell on him.

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