A farmer put a chicken egg in a hawk’s nest, that’s what happened when the chicken hatched!

It is generally known that the cuckoo is a mother who throws her eggs into other people’s nests. Therefore, birds raise other people’s foster children, not knowing about the substitution. But I wonder how large birds of prey will behave with such a substitution? This is exactly what today’s story is about. One of the farmers believed that nothing would change and purposefully set out to prove his theory.

Considering that he was also engaged in breeding red-tailed hawks for falconers, he had the most wonderful testing opportunities. I must say that in nature these birds are distinguished by a brilliant mind and quick response. They are also called among the ten most dangerous feathered predators in the world. Hawks violently attack even a person if they see him as a threat to their nest.

Therefore, I must say that the farmer’s experiment was very ambiguous. One of the hawk families lived right under the roof. And they were expected to replenish. The female laid 2 eggs. Seizing the moment, while the parents were not on the spot, the farmer replaced the eggs, and temporarily arranged the hawk eggs in the incubator.

He put a chicken egg in the nest, and God only knew what fate awaited a chicken hatched in a predator’s nest. With great trepidation, the farmer waited for the result in the hawk’s nest. He didn’t want the little chicken to be torn apart by predators at all. And now he saw the result on the video. A yellow chicken was standing in the nest, and a “hawk” was shifting its paws on the edge of the nest.

The bird, of course, does not have a face on which surprise could “freeze”, but this was how the feathered mother’s reaction to the yellow miracle that appeared in her nest could be characterized. The predator examined the chicken from one side, then, moving slightly, from the other. She tilted her head to him from different sides. She was clearly very confused. Fortunately, she did not make any attempts to peck him or, moreover, kill him.

According to the man, after a while the predator tried to feed him meat, but to no avail. When the usual chicks were returned from the incubator, she switched to feeding them, only occasionally making an attempt to give something “meat” to the yellow baby. The farmer realized that the chicken in the hawk’s nest would have to starve to death.

So he intervened again and returned the chicken to the mother, to the same chickens as him. The farmer was convinced that birds of prey are very intelligent and quick-witted. And they immediately notice the substitution of chicks. But they also have a strong parental instinct.

Therefore, even a representative of the chicken family, which the red-tailed hawks enjoy eating, they did not even think to tear in their nest. Perhaps, with the growth of the chicken, other hunting instincts could prevail in the hawk, but the farmer, fortunately, did not bring the experiment to an end. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how a chicken or a rooster flies out of a hawk’s nest!

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