A dog saved a small bunny freezing in the snow

Frosts and snowfalls cause problems and trouble not only to people, but also to animals. At one airport, during a snowfall, on the runway, a service dog named Gerda found a small bunny, which was sprinkled with snow.

If not for the sensitive smell of the dog, the bunny could freeze and die. The airport worker took the baby in his arms and carried it to the room to warm it up.

Gerda’s dog was especially worried about the baby. She licked the bunny and tried to warm it with the warmth of her body. And the bunny snuggled up to the dog like his mother. And a little later, the dog found a few more bunnies and the mother of the bunny.

Thanks to the dog, the hare family was rescued and found temporary refuge in the airport building. All this time, the dog guarded the rest of the bunnies and made sure that they did not run away. When the snowfalls and frosts passed, the bunnies were released into the wild into the forest.

And Gerda’s dog remained at the airport and continued to perform his official duties.

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