A cat and a cat who met in a shelter will not be separated, but will be given to one family.

A cat named Timur and a cat named Alice were admitted to one animal shelter almost simultaneously.

The cat’s paw was injured. He ran across the road and got under the wheels of the car and his injured man was taken to the veterinary clinic of the shelter.

Apparently, the cat did not have a home and was a street cat. Kitty Alice was injured in a fire and was admitted to the veterinary clinic with burns, the owners abandoned her and the rescuers took the cat to the shelter.

After successful, but long-term treatment, the animals were in the same box and became friends. The kitty was active and affectionate and licked her friend’s coat all the time.

The animals slept cuddled on the same mat and took care of each other. The most tidbit the cat gave to his girlfriend. Both animals had a difficult fate.

And when they met at the shelter, they never parted again. The animals will have no offspring, as the cat was sterilized and the cat was neutered. The shelter workers decided not to separate the couple in love and give them to one family, where the animals will find love and care.

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