7-yr-old dancer has Simon saying “I absolutely loved it”

I literally cried from happiness through this whole thing, she’s a doll.

Here is something we don’t always see on Britain’s Got Talent. Judge Alesha Dixon went to a certain dance school where she looked for a little girl named Skylar Blu.

“Top floor, studio one” says the lovely girl in reception. The camera follows Dixon as she makes her way up, then peeks into a room full of aspiring young dancers.

7-yr-old dancer has Simon saying “I absolutely loved it”

As she opens the door and says hello, collective squeals erupt from the girls, except for one whose jaw almost hit the dance floor.

“So I’m so happy for you, Skylar. Well done, darling.” Dixon continued.

Many viewers have argued that it was all staged, but for the sake of entertainment and showing the world how talented little Skylar is, that really doesn’t matter.

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